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Introduce Our New Cake Package Set C4
Buy 10 free 1

Regular price for 4 angkoo is RM17.80 and promotion price is RM16.50 per box.

Regular price for 6 angkoo is RM18.80

Introduce Our New Roast Chicken Package Set D4
Buy 5 free 1

At only RM12.00 you can get a box of Roast Chicken Package Set with 2 angkoo. Regular price is RM13.80

Regular price for 4 angkoo is RM14.80


  * All packages come with pickled ginger
* 全有加入酸甜姜片

* Delight's Full Moon Specialty Shop have 3 types of angkoo kuih filing – Green Bean, Peanut and Coconut.
* 红龟糕有3 种口味 - 绿豆,花生和椰丝
  Vegetarian Vegetarian set are also available
(Set A1, Set A2 and Set C1)

  Terms of payment: Cash, Cheque or Credit Card
付款方式: 现金, 票或信用卡