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A: Nasi Kunyit   Set A1 (Box) + (Box)
Set A1 (Box) + (Box)
  Set A2 (Box) + (Box)
Set A2 (Box) + (Box)
  Set A3 (Box) + (Box)
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B: Glutinous Rice   Set B1 (Box) + (Box)
  Set B2 (Box) + (Box)
  Set B3 (Box) + (Box)
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C: Cakes   Set C1 (Box) + (Box)  
Set C1 (Box) + (Box)  
  Set C2 (Box) + (Box)  
  Set C3 (Box) + (Box)
  Set C4 (Box) + (Box)  
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D: Roast Chicken   Set D1 (Box) + (Box)
  Set D2 (Box) + (Box)
  Set D3 (Box) + (Box)
  Set D4 (Box) + (Box)
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E: Fruit Tart & Muffin   Set E1 (Box) + (Box)
  Set E2 (Box) + (Box)
  Set E3 (Box) + (Box)  
Side Items
Roast Whole Chicken - Honey (RM20.00) (Qty) Mini Fruit Tart (RM1.20) (Qty)
Roast Whole Chicken - Black Pepper (RM20.00) (Qty) Mini Egg Tart (RM1.20) (Qty)
Roast Whole Chicken - Percik (RM20.00) (Qty) Big Fruit Tart (RM1.80) (Qty)
Roast Half Chicken - Honey (RM11.00) (Qty) Red Egg (RM0.80) (Qty)
Roast Half Chicken - Black Pepper (RM11.00) (Qty) Marble Cake 5" (RM6.50) (Qty)
Roast Half Chicken - Percik (RM11.00) (Qty) Marble Cake 5" - Almond Coco Cake (RM6.50) (Qty)
Roast Whole Leg - Honey (RM7.50) (Qty) Marble Cake 7" - Butter (RM8.50) (Qty)
Roast Whole Leg - Black Pepper (RM7.50) (Qty) Marble Cake 7" - Almond Coco Cake (RM8.50) (Qty)
Roast Whole Leg - Percik (RM7.50) (Qty) Muffin - Chocolate Chip (RM1.80) (Qty)
Angkoo Green Bean (RM1.00) (Qty) Muffin - Blueberry (RM1.80) (Qty)
Angkoo Peanut (RM1.00) (Qty) Muffin - Orange (RM1.80) (Qty)
Angkoo Coconut (RM1.00) (Qty) Ang Yee - (baby boy) (RM1.00) (Qty)
      Ang Tow - (baby girl) (RM1.00) (Qty)
We also sell roast chicken, nasi kunyit and other food items separately, please call us for enquiring.
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  Terms & Conditions:

1. Free delivery service to one destination in Klang Valley (within 25km), for orders above RM300. Exceeding 25km a delivery charge of RM20 - RM80 will be imposed.
2. All orders must be made 3 days in advance, no deposit require when order through telephone.
3. Delight's Full Moon Specialty Shop reserve the right to change the terms of offer and price without prior notice.
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